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Reviews of Clients from AJB Towing

"My van wouldn't start in my driveway, they arrived about 15 minutes after I called. Driver was friendly and knew what he was doing, his truck was clean and fairly new. Charge was $55 for the service call + $5 fuel surcharge + $3/mile. I followed the tow truck in my car and measured the mileage which was 2.2 miles, he charged me for 3 miles but I didn't say anything; I didn't feel like breaking out the pocket change. Overall he did a good job, I would call AJB again."

"Very friendly!! Picked up my car immediately and brought it to the dealership. Also, the guy called me after he dropped it off to let me know he found it in my confusing condo complex. Highly recommend this towing service."

"RIGHT ON THE SPOT!!!These people turn my car break down into a pleasant experience... Called them at 1 am on a Sunday after trying my luck with 2 other towing companies (went straight to voicemail ), less then 40 minutes later I had their guy, quickly and professionally loading my bike onto his flatbed...Price was same as quoted over the phone (bad experiences I had in the past taught me it's rare with this type of emergency services). All in all I have nothing but good words about my experience with AJB Towing. Hopefully I won't need to have my bike towed again any time soon but In case I will I know who I'll be calling."

"Excellent customer service. AJB Towing came out promptly and took extra care of the car. Customer service was on point, very timely, and helpful. Reasonable prices."

"I had a flat on my motorcycle. No spare so I had to have it towed. They did a great job! I haven't had to have many tows in my life but most of the time the experience was not good. While needing a tow is never a fun thing their positive attitudes and good humor made an unpleasant situation much better. Also their attention to detail and concern about making sure my bike was safe made me much more comfortable."

"Now this is how to run a towing service! My Explorer finally quit (ongoing problem I have been too lazy to fix) Luckily I selected AJB Towing from the list on my smart phone. I have had two (all) bad experiences with rip off towing companies (see my review of JJMR Tow - Car Thieves!) so I was pretty apprehensive about getting hosed again. I reached what seemed to be their answering / dispatch at 7:45 PM and was told that it should be about 30 minutes but they would have the driver call me and confirm. I was once told the same thing and they strung me out for three hours! Their driver called within 5 minutes and told me he was on his way and he expected to be there in 30 minutes. HE WAS! Al is the driver 's name. He was very helpful and courteous. Although my car was stuck in a bad spot where he could not legally get to the rear end (proper hookup) he went the extra mile to hook it up on the front, tow it into a residential area where he could then unhook / re-hook and get to the rear for the trip to the house.Tidbits - *** Al, the driver informed me that if I have full coverage insurance it should reimburse me for this tow charge. I never would have thought of it! So if it is true (should be) he saved me the entire cost of this tow!!When I asked , the driver told me that their company is not involved in the "legalized car theft" that is a big part of the towing business in Chalfont. This is the practice of contracting with property owners then constantly cruising those properties and towing cars off to Chalfont, PA where they are held for ransom. AJB Towing is strictly in the roadside assistance business. The truck I rode home in was clean and comfortable. The driver was able to process my credit card right in his truck. No big deal these days but a cut above the neanderthals I have had to deal with!Al made extra effort to deposit my car in a tight spot in my alley entry driveway. No worries, no complaints.Total cost $120. Everything seems to be too high to me these days, but I'm 56 and I have to pee a lot."